Industrial Visits

Visit to L&T Switchgear Training Centre

School of Electrical Engineering students and faculty visited L&T Switchgear Training Center, Pune to participate in a Seminar on Harmonics Mitigation on March 27, 2019. Mr. Sanjay Kale, Deputy General Manager, L&T Switchgear Training Center, discussed various aspects of the harmonics, types, need of attention from industrial perspectives, mitigation techniques such as filters, zigzag transformers, etc. The students keenly observed and studied the design, operation, and electronic innovations in different switchgear equipment. Characteristics, rating, and selection of various switchgear equipment were explained so that they will be able to select the suitable according to requirements.

Visit to Suzlon Wind Farm

School of Electrical Engineering visited the wind farm of Suzlon Energy Ltd, Chalkewadi situated near Satara on July 23, 2019. It has 600 Wind Energy Systems (WES) with the range of capacity 350 kW to 2 MW. Company Engineers explained all the technical details right from construction, principle, types, site selection, etc of WES. The students were also exposed to the SCADA system for remote monitoring of the wind energy system that plays a crucial role in preventive maintenance as well as emergency conditions on-site. Overall, visit to Suzlon Energy Wind Farm was a knowledge enriching experience for students as well as faculty members.